When you buy a coffee, cocoa, tea product with the Rainforest Alliance (RA) label you are helping to build a better future.

About RA Certification:

RA Certification is a program that protects the environment and farming communities by helping to ensure the long-term sustainability of the supply of the products it covers. It sets the standards for the sustainable cultivation of cocoa, coffee and tea which ensure:

Legal working conditions

environmental protection

no child labor

good agricultural practices

Full Traceability of certified products

The RA mark demonstrates that cocoa, coffee, tea can be traced from the growers to the final consumer product. The certification system is based on a strict Code of Communication - covering social and economic criteria for responsible agriculture, combined with supply chain requirements.

Who needs RA Certification?

RA certification applies to all businesses that own and manage coffee, cocoa, tea products and want to make an RA certification statement. It proves that these products come from properly managed certified sources and confirms that they are not mixed with products from non-certified sources at every stage of the supply chain.

The 5 Principles

Principle 1: Effective planning

Principle 2: Conservation of biodiversity

Principle 3: Conservation of natural resources

Principle 4: Improved livelihoods and human well-being

Principle 5: Sustainable cattle production

The benefits of RA certification

By having your supply chain system independently certified by RA, you demonstrate to customers and stakeholders that you are committed to protecting the environment, local communities and the long-term sustainability of certified products.

Specifically, the RA certification will:

meet the expectations of large producers and retailers, many of whom include sustainable sourcing practices in their corporate social responsibility policies and claims.

meet your customers' expectations regarding your commitment to responsible sourcing of coffee, cocoa and tea.

improve your reputation and help you gain access to new markets.

demonstrates your commitment to good environmental practices.

Certification is provided through a partner agency. For more information on certification visit the RA for Business Website.